About me

Hey! Although you do not know my real name, you may call me V3ded. I currently intern as a Penetration Tester with a focus on Web Applications and Networks, while my personal research focuses mainly on Active Directory, Windows Sysinternals and System Administration.

This blog serves as an opportunity for me to give back to the community and acts as a sort of “time window” for me to see the progress I have made through the years. This page will contain posts based on various CTFs, personal projects or simply anything else that fits the Infosec theme. If there is anything else you would like to see, feel free to reach out to me using any of the platforms listed below. That being said, I would also really appreciate any feedback you guys have, so don’t be shy!

Disclaimer: opinions and views in this blog are solely my own and in no shape or form represent those of my past, present or future employers, unless stated otherwise.

About this blog

Blogs about code reviews, infosec and possibly malware analysis!